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Mango Sunrise - Butter Body

Mango Sunrise - Butter Body

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Essential Care Body Butter : Dry Skin Repair Moisturizer


  • Mango Rise

Usage: Great for feet & skin , especially dry skin patches . Great for skin issues like ( eczema , dry skin ,chronic dry skin). 

  • Application & Texture :  texture of body butter is whipped and creaming (not soupy). Application of cream can be anywhere from dime sized to quarter size depending on dry patch area that needs moisturizing. body butter can be applied to the entire body and has a lightweight clean look & feel .


Disclosure : all body butters are non allergenic . Body butters  are made from all natural products like ( shae butter ,avocado , coconut oil ,vitamine E )


Scents :  Unscented , Eucalyptus Breeze , Cucumber  , desert lavender , mango rise . Along with natural essentials . 

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